10 tips for better blends



  1. Don’t jump to solutions – start with a sound analysis
  2. Try to stop the subject expert and the client dictating the solution
  3. Focus on performance, not knowledge
  4. Don’t overdo the self-study
  5. Build in lots of opportunities to practise new skills
  6. Use guided discovery to get across the big ideas
  7. Keep a balance between the synchronous and asynchronous
  8. Keep all ideas about technology out of your mind until you’ve fixed on a suitable method

Roadmap Blended learning (Clayton Christensen Institute)


“Going blended” is about more than just technology - it’s about rethinking instruction and effectively managing innovation over time. That's why the Clayton Christensen Institute has developed a design process to help schools and districts build effective blended learning programs.

How to Flip a Class (University of Texas)


The guide How to Flip a Class, designed by the Faculty Innovation Center of the University of Texas at Austin, will walk you through the steps of flipping a single class. The process is scalable for flipping portions of each unit or an entire course.

Use of the flipped classroom instructional model in higher education: instructors’ perspectives


The flipped classroom model is an instructional model in which students learn basic subject matter knowledge prior to in-class meetings, then come to the  classroom for active learning experiences.

Most current studies focus on students’ experiences with flipped classroom learning. Research has shown that the flipped classroom model can motivate students towards active learning, can improve their higher-order thinking skills, and can improve their collaborative learning skills. 

You were a student during the previous academic year, but you become staff now?


If you were a student during the academic year 2015-2016 but you became staff member at Ghent University, it is possible that your profile in Minerva still needs to be changed. This will not happen automatically. Please send an email to and mention:

  • your profile change from student to staff
  • your name and surname
  • your student ID (as student)
  • your UGent-ID (as staff member).

We will adjust your settings in Minerva as soon as possible!