Multimedia locaties

This overview contains all multimedia equiped rooms at Ghent University (capture agents, videoconferencing rooms & teleclassing rooms). Please contact multimedia [at] ugent [dot] be if our list is not complete or if you would like to have a specific equipment on your location.
Name Type Campus Gebouw Lokaal Streaming enabledsort descending
- Teleclassing room De Sterre (Krijgslaan 281) S9 Multimediazaal
- Videoconference location Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 25 Technicum - Blok 2 Leslokaal
- Teleclassing room HILO-GUSB Dunant 1 Auditorium A
- Videoconference location De Sterre (Krijgslaan 281) S9 Juryzaal
- Videoconference location Salisburylaan, Merelbeke Faculteitsgebouw Raadzaal decanaat
- Videoconference location Mercator Mercator B Vergaderzaal
- Teleclassing room Jozef Plateaustraat Plateau Jozef Plateauzaal
- Teleclassing room Universiteitsstraat Oude school LL. M Room
- Videoconference location Hoveniersberg Hoveniersberg Christiaan Caelenberg
- Videoconference location Coupure Links Blok A Academieraadzaal
ocrec32 Capture agent UZ Kliniekgebouw 3 Auditorium 1
ocrec19 Capture agent Universiteitsstraat Oude school LL. M Room
ocrec52 Capture agent Plateau - Rozier Plateau - Rozier Auditorium A
ocrec43 Capture agent Campus Ardoyen - Zwijnaarde 904 Auditorium Magnel
ocrec18 Capture agent HILO-GUSB Dunant 1 Auditorium A
ocrec23 Capture agent UZ B3 5B3.29
ocrec21 Capture agent Coupure Links Mobiel /
ocrec33 Capture agent Ledeganck Ledeganck Auditorium 3
ocrec49 Capture agent UZ Blok B Auditorium E
ocrec03 Capture agent Coupure Links Blok E E2.009