Multimedia locaties

This overview contains all multimedia equiped rooms at Ghent University (capture agents, videoconferencing rooms & teleclassing rooms). Please contact multimedia [at] ugent [dot] be if our list is not complete or if you would like to have a specific equipment on your location.
Name Type Campus Gebouw Lokaal Streaming enabled
- Videoconference location Campus Mercator Mercator B Vergaderzaal
- Teleclassing room Campus Boekentoren Plateau Jozef Plateauzaal
- Teleclassing room Campus Aula Oude school LL. M Room
- Videoconference location Campus Tweekerken (Therminal) Hoveniersberg Christiaan Caelenberg
- Videoconference location Campus Coupure Blok A Academieraadzaal
- Teleclassing room Campus Sterre S9 Multimediazaal
- Videoconference location Campus Ufo Technicum - Blok 2 Leslokaal
- Teleclassing room Campus Dunant (GUSB) Dunant 1 Auditorium A
- Videoconference location Campus Sterre S9 Juryzaal
- Videoconference location Campus Merelbeke Faculteitsgebouw Raadzaal decanaat
ocrec30 Capture agent Campus Merelbeke Klinieken Auditorium B
ocrec45 Capture agent Campus Aula Oude School NB III
ocrec41 Capture agent Campus Sterre S9 Auditorium A1
ocrec38 Capture agent Campus Sterre S9 Multimediazaal
ocrec06 Capture agent Campus UFO UFO Auditorium Leon De Meyer
ocrec05 Capture agent Campus Coupure Blok E Oehoe
ocrec56 Capture agent Campus UZ Gent Blok A - 90.49 Auditorium Z
ocrec28 Capture agent Campus Ledeganck Ledeganck Auditorium 1
ocrec49 Capture agent Campus UZ Gent Blok B Auditorium E
ocrec01 Capture agent Campus Boekentoren Blandijnberg 2 Auditorium 5 Jeanne Wiemer