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  • The Dissertation (Masterproef) module enables the electronic submission of the dissertation. This module is comparable to ‘dropbox’ or ‘student publications’, also meant to deliver documents. This module is based on your official curriculum information, as available in OASIS.
  • This module is only activated in one Minerva course per faculty, called 'Masterproef' (in a few faculties there are several dissertation courses). In every faculty at least one contact person (probably a co-worker of the faculty student administration) is administrator of this Minerva course. If your dissertation is part of your curriculum this academic year then you will be subscribed automatically for this Minerva course, together with your promotor(s).
  • The disseration module itself can be found in the third column on the homepage of this Minerva course.



  • Create a pdf-version of your complete dissertationuw volledige masterproef. Because you can only upload one file, all chapters and appendices must be merged in one pdf document.
  • Discuss with your promoter which appendices should be added.


	In the next version of this dissertation module it will be possible to upload more 
	than one file. This can be necessary if an appendix contains confidential information 
	in contrary to the main text. 


Dissertation information

Only information about your dissertation will be visible for you in the dissertation module (see next figures, Dutch and English versions, the language depends on the language settings of the course and/or your profile).


If you already submitted documents for this dissertation then these will appear as soon as the relevant information is fetched. The loading bar will automatically be replaced with the already submitted documents. 

The disseration information contains the following columns

  • Dissertation code: This is a combination of the curriculum code and your subscription number (without . and -)
  • Dissartation title: The title can be empty or be "Dissertation". This means that Minerva did not receive the title of your dissertation yet from Oasis. As soon as the title is entered in Oasis the title will automatically be updated in Minerva also. 
  • Study programme: The study programme of your dissertation
  • First name: your first name
  • Family name: your family name
  • Promotor(s): the name(s) of your promotor(s)
  • #doc: Displays the number of documents that have been submitted for this dissertation
  • Actions: The actions you can perform on your dissertation
    •  or  : expand or collapse the list with documents of your dissertation
    • : Add a dissertation main document. You can only add one main dissertation document. If you want to upload a new version you first have to request a deletion of the old document. After approval of your promotor you can upload a new version.
    • : Add an attachment to your dissertation. You can upload multiple attachment to your dissertation. 
    •  : Generate the certificate of your dissertation. The certificate provides you a proof that you digitally uploaded your dissertation (which is required by the Onderwijs- en Examenreglement, see article 60 paragraphe 2 on page 55 van http://www.ugent.be/nl/univgent/reglementen/onderwijs/reglementen/oer/oe... )
      The certificate contains the following information:
      • Code and name of the Minerva course where you uploaded the document
      • Dissertation code and title
      • First name and family name of the author (you)
      • Name(s) of the promotor(s)
      • Number of submitted document and the title of the document
      • Number of pages of the main document. Sometimes Minerva cannot determine the number of pages in the pdf document. In this case the number of pages will display 0. 
      • Verification code
      • 5 random selected pages from the dissertation that can be used to determine if the digital version is identical to the paper version. If Minerva was not able to determine the number of pages then only the first page can be used. 

Submission of the dissertation as a student

To add a main document you can click the  icon next to the dissertation information or you can click the icon " Upload dissertation" on the top of the page. You can upload only one main document and  only pdf files are accepted as main document! If you want to upload a new version then you first have to request a deletion of the dissertation document. After approval of your removal you can then upload a new version (see below "upload new version of the main document").

To add an attachment you can click the  icon next to the dissertation information or you can click the icon " Upload attachment". You can upload multiple attachment of any file format. Please make sure that you do not upload irrelevant attachments. If needed you can also request a delete throught the delete icon


The form to upload a main document or attachments looks a follows

  • Dissertation file: Here you can select a file from your local harddisk or USB drive that you want to upload. Only pdf files are accepted as main document. Any file format can be used as attachment. 
  • Title: the title of your dissertation. The allowed markup is limited to bold, italic, underline, subscript and superscript. If you use Internet Explorer surft and copy text then your browser invisibly copies some markup which may result in an error message when submitting your document. Make sure that you always copy and paste flat text (see http://icto.ugent.be/faq/kopi%C3%ABren-en-plakken-opmaak-verwijderen )
  • Comment: You can enter additional comment if you want. This can be particularly useful for attachments. The same markup restrictions are applied here. 
  • Copyright: Here you can enter copyright information. The same markup restrictions are applied here.
  • Confidentiality: If your dissertation contains confidential information or search results that belong to Ghent University or third parties then you have to check this checkbox. The consequence of this is thtat your dissertation will not be available through Open Access when it gets deposed with the library (and additionaly it will not be used as source material when it gets checked for plagiarism). Your promotor or the manager of the dissertationsite can change the confidentiality state of your dissertation. 
  • Patent: If your dissertation contains a patent then you have to check this checkbox. Your promotor or the manager of the dissertationsite can also change this property of your dissertation. 

Remark: It is possible to have a main dissertation that is not confidential but attachment that are confidential (for example filled in surveys that are not anonymous, patient dossiers, ...). The other way around is also possible. 

Open Access

De Open Access beweging, welke door de UGent wordt onderschreven, legt de nadruk 
op het zonder beperkingen online beschikbaar stellen van culturele en 
wetenschappelijke artikelen. Duidt hieronder aan of je akkoord bent dat 
UGent je masterproef aanbiedt in Open Access. Het voordeel voor u als auteur, 
om je werk in Open Access aan te bieden, is dat het door meer mensen gelezen zal 
worden waardoor de kans op referenties naar jouw masterproef vergroot wordt.

Upload a new version of your main document

If you already uploaded a main document you cannot simply upload a new main document (for instance for the second examination period or after finding an error in your document). When you try to upload a new document you will see the following error: “You already uploaded a  main document and you can only upload one main document. If you want to upload a new version you first have to request to delete the old version. Your promotor or the course administrator can then delete this old version. Once this is done you can upload a new version. Contrary to the main document you can upload multiple attachments.”


To upload a new version you first need to request the deletion of the old document. You can do this by clicking the delete icon. You, your promotor(s) and the course administrator will receive an email of this request. Your promotor(s) and the course administrator(s) receive a link in the mail that they can click to approve the delete. Once the document has been deleted you get a new email message and you can upload a new main document.

The procedure is 

  • You click the delete icon
  • An email is sent to you, the promotor(s) and the course admin
  • The promotor(s) or course administrator click the link in the e-mail and the document is deleted
  • You receive an e-mail that the document has been deleted
  • You can upload a new main document